What is a VPN Connection?

A virtual private network (VPN) connection is as important as your internet connection. It is a network of several computers over a public network, that is, the internet. The internet is a large network composed of several subnetworks. If you want to access the internet safely, a VPN connection is what you need. It lets you encrypt all data received and sent from your computer.

Benefits of VPN

Whether you are an individual who wants a secure private browsing or a corporate owner who has a lot to lose when data reach the wrong hands, a VPN connection is definitely what you need. Whatever you do for a living, using a VPN is highly recommended when you want to secure your privacy in an untrusted public network.

Establishing a VPN connection is actually easy. You can choose a third-party network or create your own using Windows software. Third-party VPNs are recommended for non-techy users. They are normally paid but usually come with a free trial. Sometimes, they can be used for life with some limitations, such as the amount of data that can be transferred.

Other times, users will be bombarded with ads. If you hate these, then you may consider having a monthly subscription. Creating a VPN through Windows is normally for tech-savvy users, as they require several manipulations. Nonetheless, guides for setting up a VPN are available online.

Once the VPN connection is set up, you simply need to go to the special website or launch the VPN client on your computer. Once the connection is established, you can browse any website securely.

Who Should Use a VPN

Anyone who wants to ensure privacy when browsing can benefit from VPN. However, some people are in greater need of it. They include the following:


Students can greatly benefit from VPNs. Whether they want to access information resources at school or at home, a VPN is greatly needed. For instance, writing a research paper requires an enormous amount of time. You want to keep your online activities and documents sent or received unseen to protect your intellectual properties.

Most organizations have privacy policies. Several matters must be kept confidential. If certain information is leaked, an employee can be liable to the company. If you work in a company, investing in a robust VPN is one of the best decisions you can make.


If you travel most of the time and need to visit sites that are only accessible in your country, a VPN will also be of great use. A VPN connection keeps your location, browser, OS, and other information secure, so websites with limited access cannot detect your true location.

Regular Browser

If you like to browse the internet, but you have a relatively strict ISP, you may also want to use a VPN connection. Some ISPs monitor the activities of their users and reduce bandwidth; such activities exceed the data consumption. Other ISPs also restrict the use of torrents. If you like to surf the web and download large files, a VPN connection can save you your ISP’s restrictions.

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