How to access content available only in another country?

The invention of Internet has made it very easy for people to get their hands on information that may have seemed inaccessible at first. However, despite the unlimited bracket of information that can be accessed by connecting to the internet, there are websites that are specific to a country and outsiders are not allowed to access the content on these websites. But now a day there are many ways to access such content and people are often using various means to connect to these websites.

Among the most popular means to connect and get access to blocked content is through the use of a Virtual Privacy Network. VPN’s are private networks that let a user to fabricate their location and thus by doing so they are able to access the blocked content in their country. There are a variety of VPN providers these days who are offering their services to all kinds of users. A VPN lets their users encrypt their information and pass it through a tunnel allowing information to be accessed at the other end. Most of these VPN providers are offering their services at very reasonable rates while some also have the option to use their networks for free but using these services for free might limit the bandwidth that has been allotted to your connection or will be working at a very slow speed.

There is also the option to make your own VPN if you have the know-how of networking or even use SSH encryption for this purpose. SSH tunneling is an alternate way if you do not want to be using a VPN but then you would need to have access to a SSH server in the country you want to access information from.  By using a VPN server your activity on the internet can be hidden and you can access information from anywhere around the globe giving you access to even the blocked content that was not available in your country. If you want to access Canadian Netflix library you should use VPN with servers for Canada.

Another option that can work sometimes is to change the DNS setting of your router. This allows for the blocked website to think that you are accessing from an appropriate location and thus data is accessible. Once you have changed the settings on your router, all devices connected through that network will be able to access the blocked content from those restricted countries.

The third option that can be used to access information that is blocked in your country is by the use of a browser extension. These extensions are installed into your browser and when you come across any content that is not accessible, you will only have to click on the extension button and choose a country to connect through. The extension will automatically start to access all of your information through a network in the chosen country. This solution is much similar to that of a VPN server, but VPN’s are preferred as they offer a safer and easily securable connection that nobody other than you can access the information from.

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