How to Hide Your IP

We will tell you why should hide your IP, your options for doing it, and the difference between using free and paid IP protection accounts.

Internet protocol, better known for its acronym IP, is a numerical label assigned to any device within a computer network that makes use of the internet.

It serves 2 main functions: network interface identification and location addressing. While this is useful for its intended purposes, this is now also being used by some individuals with not-so-good intentions. For instance, some people can use IP addresses to steal private information and perform other forms of cybercrimes. Because of this, it shall be a good idea if you put in the effort to hide your IP address.

Why Should You Hide Your IP address?

If you are not familiar with internet protocol and what it is for, it is easy to overlook its presence. However, once you recognize what it is and the potential dangers of having such information in the wrong hands, you’ll have all kinds of reasons why you should hide it at all costs. Here are some specific reasons why you should hide your internet protocol address.

Identity theft protection

Identity theft should be one of the biggest fears of anyone. Once your identity gets stolen in the internet, just about everything is possible. Your bank or credit card account can be thieved, your personal information be used for scams and other crimes, and your whereabouts can be tracked by criminals without you even knowing it. Because of this, it is very important that you hide your IP address, especially when you are using non-secure internet connections such as public Wi-Fi spots.

Protection from viruses

Defending your device against malicious software should be the priority of all. One of the ways to avoid getting viruses, as well as malware, spyware, and Trojans, is to hide your IP address. This is because hackers can use your IP address as a means to send these malicious programs to your devices.

Once they’re able to send it (and you open it), they can do anything from destroying your operating system to stealing all the private information contained in your computer. Hiding your IP will help you avoid such a scenario.

Anonymous surfing

There are instances when staying anonymous is an advantage. This is the case when you are surfing the internet. There are situations when you will be accessing your private info.

Hiding your IP address should give you peace of mind when you’re dealing with confidential matters online. It can also be useful if you’ll be doing specific tasks that may be legally problematic (ex.: downloading content such as full movies online). The best thing about hiding your IP address is it is completely legal to do so.

Safe surfing

When you are browsing the internet either from another device or another network, you run the risk of getting involved in situations where your personal information may get compromised. This is because even though you may not be the target of cybercriminals, you can still be affected by their actions.

At the same time, hiding your IP address is a great way to avoid your computer, email, or social media accounts from getting spammed. You got to be ready just in case someone tries to make a move on you.

Safer online shopping

Online shopping is very popular nowadays. However, it also doubles as one of the biggest roots of internet fraud, as it is a favorite of most various criminals ranging from scammers to identity thieves.

While online selling sites may claim that they do their best to keep the identity of buyers safe, you also got to do your part to increase your own safety. One of the best ways to keep safe is to hide your IP address as it helps you dodge hackers going for your account.

How to Hide Your IP: The Options

There are many ways to hide your IP address. The 2 mentioned here are the most popular and highest-rated ways to do it. There are other techniques you can use, but you can’t go wrong with these 2 techniques.

Proxy servers

A proxy server helps you reroute traffic through them. Your IP address becomes masked because the server makes it appear like traffic is coming from the proxy.

There are different kinds of systems that allow you to use a proxy server. Arguably the most popular and simplest way to do it is by using a web-based proxy. Particularly effective when you are not using your own computer or device, the proxy server’s IP address is transmitted to the web page with the help of any internet browser.

Virtual Private Network

The VPN is arguably the most secure of all means to hide your IP address. A private network that allows you to use servers maintained by the service provider, it is a safe and effective way to search the internet online.

To make use of the network, you would need to download software provided by the service provider. This would allow you to gain access to a wide range of IP addresses, with some of them belonging to different regions and countries. The possibilities with a VPN are almost endless, providing advantages that go beyond online security. For the best anonymity we recommend you to buy vpn with bitcoin.

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Free options vs. Paid Options

You can avail IP hiding programs in 2 forms: free and paid. Often times, service providers provide both options for their clients. Of course, even though the free and paid versions are essentially the same program, they have significant differences that would make you think twice.

Going for the free version has its advantages. Other than the fact that they’re free, these VPN programs provide more than enough protection for your internet protocol for most purposes.

However, going for the paid version often gives a significant upgrade. Not only would you have access to all features (ex.: extra servers, full options), but they tend to carry extra useful features such as anti-spam.

Go for a paid account if you do a lot of important matters online (ex.: business transactions, handling corporate/private info).